While developing and testing 2Meters, we have already answered a lot of questions, some of which fe are facing very often. Nevertheless, in case the answers below don't satisfy you, please reach out and let us know. We will extend the FAQ section as we go. 

Q: I want to use a digital queue. What happens to my data? Is confidentiality and privacy guaranteed?

A: We are commited to data privacy. We do not save any data from you as a user of a digital queue. Each visit of our web-based app is registered via so called SessionID. The SessionID is a number which is assigned to each new browser session and does not disclose anything about you.

Q: Do I need to book an appointment for my child as well?

A: Yes! Please be aware that the maximum capacity of places also includes children. Due to that we ask you to add your child to your reservation.

Q: I can't find my favourite place on 2Meters. What is the reason?

A: It seams that your favourite place has not created a queue so far. Thank you in advance for recommending us!

Q: I left my mobile phone at home, can I still claim my booked appointment?

A: Our tickets have very simple, four digit numbers. Try to remember it. We also encourage our business partners to have an open ear is such situations. Don't hesitate to reach out to them.

Q: What happens if I need more time at a place than foreseen?

A:The slot durations are estimates and based on statistics and personal experience of the business owners. In these difficult times we nevertheless encourage you, to plan your stay ar at a place in accordance to the slot duration. In case you need significantly more time, please reach out to the place's personnel.

Q: Despite a valid reservation I'm not granted access to a place or have to wait. What can I do?

A: Unfortunately life is not always predictable. Some customers need more, others less time then the statistical average. In case you notice such problems on multiple ocasions at the same place, we would appreciate if you could reach out and inform us, so that we can work on finding a solution together with the owner.

Q: How long am I allowed to stay at a place?

A: The time varies from place to place and can be selected by the owner in his configurations. You can see the maximum time when booking a slot through our web-app.

Q: How long in advance do I have to book my slot?

A: First come, first serve!

Its simple: the earlyer you book, the better your chance to find free capacities at your desired times.

In case you can't find a slot, you can try stopping by the place spontaneously. Most places always reserve capacities for walk in customers. But be prepared to wait.

Q: What do I need to register my place and to create digital queues with 2Meters?

A: The registration only takes two minutes:
Go to our URL and click on the burger button on the top right of the screen. Log in using your Google account. This is required for us to know that you are really owning the business you pretend to own - it protects you and it protects your customers.
After logging in, you can create queues and edit details like opening hours and capacities of your places.

Q: How many people are allowed to enter my business at the same time?

A: This depends on the area of your place and on the current governmental guidelines and regulations. Make sure to be up to date and to edit your maximum capacity in case regulations change. Reach out to our service team if you need assistance.

Q: Is 2Meters also good for small businesses?

A: Of course! By introducing 2Meters you enhance customer happiness while at the same time reduce the workload of your employees. They can now entirely focus on your everyday business. In addition you enhance the visibility of your business by adding it to our platform.

Q: I'm a service provider. Can I also use 2Meters?

A: Of course! 2Meters is always useful if it comes to planning appointments. It can be used in car washs, at private flat viewings, clinics, barber shops and much much more. Don't hesitate to rach out to our team to discuss your individual use case.

Q: My time slots are not compatible with the requirements of my customers. How can I adjust them?

A: You can change the time slot lengths as well as a variety of other parameters in the configurations of your place.



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