• Vladi Ballheimer

2Meters vs. COVID-19

A little bit of history. The idea to create 2Meters came in the very beginning of the (ongoing) CORONA lockdown in Germany. We have noticed the queues in front of some stores and thought that there must be a more effective solution than just queuing up one by one and waiting. Unfortunately there was none.

We began to think and came up with what we called Qmeter first. The idea was to create a very simple and easy to use application, offering both, the possibility to create queues as well as to line up digitally. We quickly convinced several enthusiasts willing to develop the app with us and hence to contribute to fighting the disease. With a small team of five people we started coding. The #CodeVsCovid19 hackathon was the perfect chance to bring the solution a big step forward. And we are happy that only one week after having formulated the idea the first prototype of 2meters was selected #7 of the public voting among more than 350 submissions in the hackathon. See our pitch video from the hackathon below.

With a prototype at hand we decided to intensify our work, trying to launch the solution as quickly as possible. The worrying numbers from many countries from all over the world illustrate how big the influence of the lockdowns on their economies will be. Our solution can help to reduce the impact, but it needs to be available now and it needs to be used by as many businesses, customers and governmental authorities as possible. We are convinced that understanding is key for adoption. Thats why below we will explain how exactly 2meters contributes to the fight vs. COVID-19.

2Meters for Citizens

Everybody has noticed the queues. People are standing on the streets, waiting to be left inside a grocery store. These queues are a consequence of customer per area limitations. But while these regulations certainly reduce infection risks inside the building, they create new risks in the queue. Many shops do not have enough space for the queue inside, so people must wait outside where they eventually block sidewalks. In these queues, enough space between people to prevent infection cant be guaranteed. By allowing to prebook a time slot to enter the shop, 2Meters allows to spend as little time waiting outside as possible. This reduces the infection risk.

For customers who have just stumbled upon a shopping possibility during a walk, 2Meters offers the digital queuing function. By scanning a QR code which is on display at the shop entrance, the customer is automatically lined up in a digital queue. The physical spot in a queue is hence decoupled from the queuing process as such. The customer can use the time for a walk, to queue up in another place nearby or to go home to wait - he is notified by 2Meters when his time is approaching.

The digital queue as well as the rebooking process enhances the efficiency of shopping in times with limitations. Time outside the apartment can be planned and used wisely - to the benefit of the whole society.

2Meters further guarantees full anonymity of data. Our application only identifies the devices it is used on and creates unique device IDs. These IDs are used only internally, no further personal data is collected and saved. Collecting the device IDs allows for another important and useful function. By knowing which IDs have been queued in the same place at the same time (shared a slot), 2Meters has the optional functionality send notifications in case a positive COVID-19 test result has been reported by a user.

2Meters for Businesses

The corona lockdowns are a huge challenge for businesses worldwide. Especially service oriented businesses such as restaurants, small specialized shops, little groceries, hairdressers or book shops are in danger. The businesses which are considered to be not essential for the society are closed down, others are bound to obey a strict ruleset. This ruleset limits the number of customers per area and hence leads to queues.

2Meters allows businesses to create a digital queue anywhere and anytime, just with a few clicks. While offering this functionality it is 100% free for the customer and it does not require a registration. Given an acceptance by the government, with 2Meters, businesses can continue operating even during closedowns - even though with a reduced overall performance.

Our team is always up to date and makes sure that the rulesets are always compliant with newest governmental regulations. Consequently, our business customers can focus on their business.

2Meters for Governments

During a pandemic outbreak, the role of the government can't be overestimated. Key to reducing the impact on the society is an agile and fast approach to crisis management. By offering analysis tools, showing the customer streams, the infection chains and other parameters, 2Meters facilitates the life of authorities.

2Meters allows for dynamic adjustments of parameters such as e.g. customer density per square meter or customers per unit of time via a direct interface between dedicated governmental points of contact and our team. This allows the authorities to react on current developments in an agile and modern way, bridging bureaucratic processes and hence managing the crisis in a more efficient way. Depending on the development of the pandemic, authorities can relax or tighten the restrictive measures introduced in their region or country with just a few clicks.




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